Coalition Building

We have all seen that there are articles from every major new source warning of threats of physical violence, harassment, and other forms of intimidation at polling locations, there are also concerns over there not being a peaceful transition of power if Trump were to loose.
So, what do we do as progressives to fight against this attack on democracy, we organize, we build coalitions.

In light of recent news, ORCA reached out to our allies to begin discussion on how to address these concerns. People from more than a dozen organizations have come together to fight to protect our democracy.

If you or your organization are interested in supporting this coalition Click HERE to send us an email.

For a list of local actions/Events Click HERE

List of resources and information;

Hold the Line a guide to Defend Democracy.

Protect The Results Find events in your local area here.

Rural Organizing Project Rural Oregonians Defending Democracy.

Civil Liberties Defense Center Know your rights training.

Count Every Vote! Oregon
Count Every Vote! Oregon is a group of Oregon citizens defending the traditions of American Democracy.
They are asking for all elected officials and community leaders to publicly and unambiguously insist on counting every vote cast in this election.

Choose Democracy
Choose Democracy is an organization that is committed to choose democracy: by voting, making sure all the votes are counted, and preparing to take the streets in the case of a coup.


  1. We will vote.
    • Last day to have your ballot in is November 3rd by 8 pm
    • Check the status of your ballot HERE
  2. We will refuse to accept election results until all the votes are counted.
  3. We will nonviolently take to the streets if a coup is attempted.
  4. If we need to, we will shut down this country to protect the integrity of the democratic process.

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