Stop posting Camps, Corvallis, Oregon

The city has resumed posting and removing campsites, without providing unhoused members of our community with a place that they can go, without being displaced repeatedly.

We support the motion that was brought forward at the July 5th City Council meeting.

The motion made by Ward 2 Councilor Charles Maughan; “I move to rescind the council’s previous motion to resume posting and cleaning of camps, until city and/or county staff can present to council options for a designated camp site or sites”.

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Brew-In Is Back!

We’ve missed you all! After 18 months of Social Distancing…Join Us at the Brass Monkey for Brew in!
Brew-in was our regular social event . For more than 4 years we gathered every Friday, to share a bite, a drink and talk about current events, politics, and whatever else came to mind.
Now that COVID-19 infection numbers are down and vaccinations are up, we would love to resurrect this tradition.
If you are fully vaccinated and ready to socialize with fellow progressives, Join us!
*We will be seated outdoors, but still ask that you only attend if vaccinated.

Click HERE for more information

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