The Attack on Women’s Rights

The ongoing attack on women’s rights, gained more traction when the Supreme Court refused to take up the case against Texas’ newest anti-abortion law and several other republican led states are racing to pass similar legislation. 

Locally, Corvallis supporters of women gathered at the traditional place, the Benton County Courthouse, for a call to boycott businesses headquartered in Texas on Wednesday, September 8th.
The turnout and gestures of support from drivers-by has encouraged a plan to continue to show up each Wednesday 5-6pm.

Additionally the organization, Women’s March, has called for national action on October 2nd, prior to the Supreme Court reconvening on October 4th, 2021.

 For more information on the Corvallis Women’s March 2021 click HERE
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Celebrating our KORC Community!

Help us pay Performing Rights Orgs and support the artists we play. Our goal is $2000 by September 25th, 2021. All KORC listeners are invited to a celebration at Common Fields outdoor venue from 1-6pm on Saturday, September 25th.

Join us at Common Fields or listen at 105.9FM or

All supporters will be entered in a raffle to win gifts. This event is sponsored by Our Revolution Corvallis Allies (ORCA), Veterans For Peace (VFP), and Common Fields event space. you do not need to be present to win.

KORC LP-FM is managed by Uphill Media, a 501c3 nonprofit organization. Your donation is tax deductible.

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ORCA supports Veterans For Peace Petitions

Veterans For Peace Linus Pauling chapter has two petitions currently being circulated. Our Revolution – Corvallis Allies supports these efforts and is asking for signatures.

Sign the Petition to Ban Militarized Policing in Corvallis
Resolution opposing Corvallis Police department acquiring military weaponry and receiving military-style training.

Prevent City of Corvallis Investment in Weapons of War
A Resolution requiring divestment from weapons profuction; and prohibiting future investment.

Could you use $750?

The Oregon People’s Rebate is an initiative petition qualifying for the November 2022 election that will REBATE about $750 to every Oregonian every year. This REBATE will go directly to anyone who lives more than 200 days in Oregon every year, regardless of age, income, or status.

The “$750 to every Oregonian” is an estimate – about 4 million Oregonians will share an equal part of the estimated $3 billion of new revenue.


The revenue to fund the REBATE comes from increasing the minimum tax rate for big Wall Street corporations doing business in Oregon to 3%. Currently, the minimum tax rate for these huge corporations is less than 1%!

The increased minimum tax rate only impacts big Wall Street corporations doing business in Oregon – those that make more than $25 million a year, or over $68,493 every single day, of revenue in our state. It doesn’t matter where the business is based, just how much money they make in Oregon. So, your favorite local shop won’t feel a thing (other than every single one of their customers having an extra $750)!

It’s that simple. Let’s make it happen!

Visit ORCA at the Corvallis Farmer’s market to sign the petition.
Click HERE for more information.

In Memory of a Gentle Man

On the 20th anniversary of the September 11th attacks, activists joined together at the Benton County Courthouse to honor Ed Epley. He stood at this place in honor of peace daily from October 2001, until his death in 2021.
Now that the the process of ending conflict with Afghanistan has begun, we will honor Ed Epley’s dedication to peace.
ORCA was joined by many who were moved by Ed, and his friends, Bobbi Hall, Courtney Childs, Carolyn LaTierra, Bill Glassmire and many others.

Our Revolution – Corvallis Allies continues the dedication to peace every Thursday from 5-6 pm in front of the Benton County Courthouse, please join us.